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Hebgen Lake Trip


Sep ’18 – The 22 Clubbers who made the trip enjoyed fair fishing, lots of laughs, terrific sightseeing (Yellowstone!) and a great Pot-luck! Little did we know that the first evenings "Gulper" action would be the best right from shore...( have that couple hours back again...!) As described, pods of cruising Trout were within reach, but extremely "finicky" when it came to the right fly. If the measure of a fish's education is their ability to discern your fly from the "real thing", then these boys were all Rocket Scientists....:) But some fell to the right presentation.....Browns to 23 inches, Rainbows that topped out at 22, and a bunch of large Whitefish were landed in one area.


For some, the tastes and sounds of West Yellowstone went undiscovered (at least on this trip) Magnificent Yellowstone Park was an 10-mile drive away, and many went to see the sights that Park had to offer.

The campground was a nice central location on the Grayling arm of the lake, and a buffet of "Pot Luck" dishes on Saturday night stuffed all of us with too much food. Campfire conversation solved all of the world's problems including some good jokes. We also came up with some other "outing" ideas for next year, but the feeling was unanimous about this area.............."we'll be baaaaack"!! THE NEXT OUTING WILL BE SEP 10 (TUE) - 14 (SAT) 2019

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Pre Launch Party
The Prey
Hebgen Gulper
Bad, Bad Brown
Prez and Brown

Missouri River Trip


       The FFB has planned their annual outing to the Missouri River for APR 29 (MON) -MAY 2 (THU), 2019. Activities will be centered around the Headhunters Fly shop in Craig, Montana. Club members either bring RV's, or rent one of the limited cabins available, to take advantage of this exciting fishery.  Many rent Guides for all, or part of their outing, or reserve one of the "Veteran" drift boats graciously provided by Headhunters. The Fly Shop also has reduced guide rates through the month of April

       Even without a boat, the Missouri around Craig has some excellent bank/wade fishing opportunities, especially towards evening. Nymph-fishing is the centerpiece of the action, but if a hatch comes off, the dry-fly fishing is wonderful. And, with big Browns all along this section of "the Mo", stripping a Streamer can lead to" the fish of the year"..!

      Club members gather every evening for potluck food and beverages and at least one group dinner usually at a cabin. After a long Winter...consider joining other FFB members for the first outing of the year and hopefully some memorable fishing, on the "Big Mo"!!    



For those of you who plan to take an RV to the outing, the RV spots at Headhunters have been replaced by cabins. But the FFB’ers will be gathering at the Wegner Creek RV park, less than a mile away across the bridge from Craig. Other possibilities are Stickney Creek campground or Prewett Creek RV Park and campground. So join us!

The Missouri River trip is proceeding full-speed ahead. Anyone interested in joining FFB members on this outing can contact Headhunters in Craig, for information on Cabins, RV spots, and fishing-guides. Any Club members who are signed up for cabins float trips, or camping spots, and who have opening, please let the membership know. The more, the merrier!"

The potluck on Thursday evening will be held at the rental cabin of TBD. Get directions from site: It is suggested that you prepare and look at the website for contacting by cell phone is spotty. Tight lines!

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Georgetown Lake

Perhaps the highlight of the FFB outings, is the annual Georgetown Lake trip, (JUL 10 (WED) - 14 (SUN) 2019. Georgetown is a high (6,000 ft), shallow, weedy lake of 3,000 acres, which supports incredible trout numbers. Primarily a Rainbow trout lake, there are also good numbers of Brookies and Kokanee present. Trout up to 15 pounds have been reported, with a good number of 20-plus inches, 4 pound Rainbows not uncommon!

Our club trip has evolved into a multi-day campout, with almost 3 dozen attendees last year!  Although day trippers were also common, it's much more fun to come and stay, sharing the day's fishing with fellow FFBers around a campfire

There are hatches on Georgetown that can only be labeled...."events"....Damsel flies, callibaetis, and the incredible Traveling Sedge in July.  The Sedge hatch is NOT for the "faint of heart"!  I personally experienced such an event during our trip last year. When these big, skittering bugs hatch, and are on the water (usually late afternoon), and the trout key on them, the only word to describe it is ..."violent"!! 

It doesn't last long, but it was one of the most incredible 90 minutes of fishing I have ever had!


The fishing underneath is exceptional as well, with Damsel nymphs, Buggers, Chronimids, Hares Ears, and Pheasant-tails, among many others. Once you find the trout's favorite "fly-du-jour", hang on for some great fishing!  This is truly great stillwater fishing in July, with the stunning scenery and wildlife of the Georgetown lake area on full display. It's not too early to start making plans for joining the club on this memorable event!!

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BROWN'S LAKE.Update 3/29/19: Lake still has a lot of ice. Reports indicate some winter kill but you never know.

 As Spring approaches, many FFB members begin to turn their attention to the "Ice-out" event at Browns Lake. One of the Club's resident "Browns Lake- Gurus", believes this will happen later than normal this year, possibly the end of April, or early May. Is this any place for a self-respecting Fly Fisherman? It is, if you want to try for Arlee and Kamloops Rainbows up to 10- pounds!!  The lake fishes best in early in the year, especially the first month after ice-out.

At around 500 acres, it is perfect for pontoons, float tubes, and other small boats. Club members have organized impromptu trips on short notice, to an undeveloped campground near the boat launch.  There are no reservations, but plenty of room, and a public restroom near the launch. The timing depends on nature, but if you have an interest, stay tuned at the monthly meeting, or the FFB web site. Perhaps you can join up with someone, or a group, to hook up with other members for an early Spring "Hog-fest".....!

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Special Needs Day 

This is an annual event for us, originally organized by Leon Powell. We host about twenty special needs folks at a private, stocked pond. We try to ensure each catches a fish and then we feed them lunch. This event is truly one of the most gratifying things our Club does. You’ve got to see the grins and hear the whoops when these folks catch a fish! We need a good turn out by members because it really takes about a one-to-one relationship to help these folks. The 2019 event will be on Sunday morning in JUN 2nd. Stay tuned for more info.

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