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Bitterroot River Fishing Report 1/24/2016

It's that time of year. Time for the indicators, worms, split shot, and other assorted nymphs you have floating around your fly boxes. It really doesn't matter if you are putting the bugs in front of the fish. Slow pools and walking speed water will hold of the majority of the trout this time of year and the recent warming trend is making rather pleasant on the water.

If you are a streamer junkie and just can't stand to throw the slop rig all day good fish are to be had in the right water and will eat a very slowly stripped bugger. Again, color and size doesn't matter as much as finding the right water. Generally the upper river will give you more fish this time of year while the mid-lower will give you a shot at the bigger browns and rainbows.

Hope you find a few hours to get out on the water. Now's the time if you like solitude, not another soul in site most days.

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