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Fish Report

Hi folks,

Had a few days worth reporting out there.

I fished the Bitterroot last weeks with Ken Quinn and Dick Ellis. We floated from Hannon to Darby. We caught a fair amount of fish but as you can imagine, we did the nymph and indicator thing. I used a Root Beer colored rubber leg size 6, and (Faust's Favorite) the Pink Worm. I caught around 25 fish. All of them really quality fish. The water temperature was around 35 degrees with no apparent hatch.

The following weekend Chris Anderson, Bob Miller and myself went over to the Clearwater to try for some Steelhead. Due to a variety of circumstances (not the least of which was a landslide on the South Fork and very high water on the Middle Fork) we didn't catch any Steelhead until the very last hour on the last day (Sunday) when Chris caught a nice Steelhead when we were heading out.

Finally; yesterday Thursday, 2/26 I went out with Doug Duff and Bob Miller on the 'Root' to fish between Darby and Wally Crawford. At Darby the water temp was 36 degrees and very slow fishing at first. About halfway through the float we started to catch fish and I checked the temperature again to find that it was 38/39 degrees. Sure enough, I checked under some rocks fairly near the banks and found some Skwala nymphs. I did catch one really nice Cutthroat around 20" and Bob caught a really nice Brown (both on the rubber legs). Totally, not a lot of fish, but some real quality fish.

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