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Bitterroot Fishing Report 6/6/2016

June is here and with it come the big bugs. By now most of you probably know that the salmon bugs are out on the forks of the river and hopefully you've had a chance to partake in this annual event. Even if the fishing is average, it's still fun to throw a hummingbird sized fly tight to the willows while enjoying a beautiful spring day.

The dry fly fishing this weekend was good. Be warned however, you will not have the river to yourself. Some days are worse than others of course but it still pays to be out early, especially on the weekends. Floating an odd stretch can have it's advantages also. Sure, you may not see as many bugs but will almost certainly see less people.

With this low water year wade fishing opportunities abound early in June. If you want to beat the heat and also the boat traffic consider wade fishing on some of the tribs. and up high on the forks. The salmonflies are there, just as they are on the main river!

Goldenstones are also starting to show, and if the salmonbug isn't working, try the golden instead, even if you see lots of salmonflies in the air. this is a sneaky guide move and sometimes can be a game changer when the fish become wary of the big fly. Streamers are also a great option this time of year and some BIG fish can be had by dredging or stripping a heavily weighted fly through productive looking water. If the dry fly game isn't on it's always worth a try.

The mid-lower river is still a little ways out from being red hot but look for it to turn on very, very soon. Goldens and B-Root stones have been spotted on the main already and drakes will soon be appearing in numbers. I'm guessing by next week... Stay tuned. The next few weeks should be really good.

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