October 4th Meeting to Feature Chris Clancy

October 3, 2016

We will be hosting Chris Clancy. He is the regional fisheries biologist
for Montana and works out of the Hamilton office. He will be giving
us an update on the projects he has been working on this summer.


“Every time an FFB member has a great day on the Bitterroot, a debt of
gratitude is owed to Chris Clancy – and many members probably don’t
know why. I remember when Chris began his career here as a full-time
resource biologist for Fish Wildlife and Parks. A good day’s float
fishing, then, might consist of twenty fish, most of them under 11” and
rarely one over 14”. A couple of fish might be cutthroats – and a 14”
cutty was a rare event. Over the course of Chris’ work on our behalf we
know what has happened: we enjoy the outstanding fishing that has
made the Bitterroot the third-most-heavily fished river in Montana
today. Come out and hear the latest from Chris – and show your
appreciation for the job he continues to do.” - Chuck Stranahan



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