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Big Fish on the Big Hole

Floated the Big Hole w/ Geno C Thursday Sep 6th thru the 9th. Base was Melrose. Water was 325 first 2 days dropping to 300 by Sunday. No issue in the 14' NRS.

Thursday fished the Brindleshoot to a fair amount of success floating from SalmonFly to Browns. Friday floated Browns to Glen and had an epic day w/ the hopper. Sat floated Glen to Notch and really couldn't figure it out. Sunday back to Browns to Glen.

14 yrs ago on my first trip to the Bitterroot I floated a lot w/ Phil R...back then he would hardly let you go subsurface! At any rate he preached to me about the drift and helped w/ my reach cast to get that extra couple of feet. I fished a 12' 4x w/ the hopper very tight to the structure. And it all paid off.

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