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Liberating the Natives (Fish)

Operation "Rainbow Rescue" is over. 9 eager Club members volunteered their time and efforts at a moments notice, to answer Gary Brother's suggestion, to try and save some fish.

After Gary K's phone call, Jason (Chris Clancy's replacement) from FWP, arrived to assist with electro-shocking equipment. The logistical challenge was daunting.....

The good news, was that some fish were saved and relocated. 27 Suckers, some of them in very pretty pre-spawn colors, were saved from the shallow water.

The bad news, was that Jason's effective shock range was only about 6 feet, and the outlet pipe containing most of any Trout in there, was more than 80 feet long, and very deep. Most of the fish retreated deep into the darkness. There was simply no way to reach them. But Jason believed there was a chance, however slim, that they might possibly survive the Winter. Nothing else could be done.

But it was a success simply for the opportunity to interact with FWP, and let Jason know that the FFB is there to assist with such endeavors, should his need arise. He was very grateful.

Thanks again to Gary Brothers, for caring enough to make the effort, and to all the members who showed up to assist.

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